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My name is Pat Goltl [// pr. Gurtle//]. I’m an art director, web designer + developer, artist, illustrator, graphic designer, builder of things, longboarder, lover of coffee, father, husband, thinker, runner, cyclist, trekker, fly fisherman, and traveler. I’m passionate about good design, craftsmanship, adventure, and creativity. When I’m not working or going for very long runs, you will find me getting beat up by my kids.


"It has been my pleasure to work with Pat on a several projects. He has come through with great design every time. Whether we ask him to re-brand an already established business or to create a look and feel for a new business, Pat has never failed us. He always brings great concepts to the table and like a pro is always open to direction from us or our clients. I believe any company could benefit from his creativity and professionalism. The next time we need help, we will not hesitate to turn to Pat."

Manuel Rodrigues // The Display Shop-NYC
venn diagram
Web Design
Running Very Far
Print Design
Web Development
Chainsaw Skills
Concept Development
Art Direction

"Pat created a look and feel for the company that ignited a huge response from customers and industry insiders. He has a way of getting to the core of a brand and conveying it through design."

Matt Burke // Blue Sky Longboards-NYC


I’m always on the lookout for new projects and adventures. Give me a call, email me, or contact me through one of the social networks below and I will help you get your project or concept moving.

Pat Goltl

ph. 308.279.1655

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